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Welcome New Affiliates - Let's DO this!

WELCOME!! We are so very excited to create this opportunity for your Organization and for our company to work together even in the strangest year ever. We do not give up easily, and saw this Affiliate Program as a perfect fit for Organizations that have your following who want to support you through this.

We KNOW how much the Tradition of The Nutcracker means to so many, there is a very loyal fan, donor, community base in almost every town and city in the country. 

Here's the Program in a nutshell: Reach out to your supporters through your social media, email, online store, local shops or whatever channels you have. Just share you own link with them, along with posts with cute pictures of our fun products that we provide. Hopefully they will understand the full meaning of how they can support you through this difficult year by just doing their shopping.  Your organization will receive 'commissions' on every purchase they make on our website! 20% on everything except Snow Globes and Porcelain products, those are 5% commision, only because of the costs involved and shipping. *And they receive our unique fun gorgeous nutrackers, ornaments, asnd all the great gifts we have stocked our store with this year, win /win! 😍

Remember too, we  offer Free Shipping on $50+ which is also a great selling point for those who shop with us. As wholesale customers, you were never able to enjoy this feature, but as this is retail shopping, that can save shoppers a LOT of $$!

We will be adding Tips and Tricks to the PAGES tab, which you can access in your AFFILIATE DASHBOARD.

Also check PAGES for FAQ which will grow as question/answers come up!

We are new to this too, and there will be a learning cure no doubt, but starting in July should get us going so that when the normal seasonal shoppers are online, we will all be ready!

The payouts will normally pay when your account reaches $200, but we will feel that out as we go. We are not 100% sure of how taxes are going to work with most of you being non-profits, this is something we will be working  on.

Please feel free to email us at  or reach Stephanie at Live Chat weekdays. All of your questions will get answered as quickly as possible! 

Thank you for joining us in this endeavor. We truly care greatly for all of you, and our hearts remain a little broken for each and every director, dancer, chorepgrapher, artist, staff, dance mom and dad and the list goes on... And life goes on. Let's do this.


Warmest Regards,

Esmee and Stephanie