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Meet the Team

Esmee Dorf | COO

Esmee Dorf entered the ballet world when she was 10 and performed in her first role in the Nutcracker as a little mouse when she was 11. From there, a true love and passion for ballet and the Nutcracker grew, performing in the Nutcracker for another 8 years. From Sugar Plum Attendant, Arabian Coffee, to the prized role of Clara, the magic never faded. After some ballet and Nutcracker free years, it was time to re-kindle the love when in 2008 she moved back to Asheville, and slowly started learning the in-and-outs of the family business that had been built on her fondest memories. Her long years in ballet led to a strong work ethic and an ability to overcome obstacles that enable her to thrive today as Chief of Operations and Mother.


Eddie Dorf | CEO

Eddie Dorf, founded the company in 1992 after realizing the crucial role fundraisers play in keeping ballet companies thriving.
As a ballet Dad he often contributed backstage building sets and being videographer for The Nutcracker performances. An entrepreneur, Eddie created and donated a Nutcracker t-shirt design to Esmee’s school for all the cast members to wear proudly. And from this...a business was born. Now, every ballet company can find all their nutcracker and ballet gift needs in one place. It was only natural for him to give over the reigns to Esmee in 2009 since she was truly the catalyst for the business.



Stephanie Hedrick | Design and Marketing

Stephanie Hedrick is a professional artist/graphic designer, who began working with Eddie in Ventura, Ca in 1992, when Nutcracker Ballet Gifts was only a glimmer in his eye! After several years of doing her own artistic endeavors, she rejoined the NBG family in 2012. The opportunity to work with Esmee, the silly little ballerina she used to know, was too good to pass up. Although, she works remotely from Wyoming, her close bond with Esmee and dedication to the work is unparalleled. Get to know her through our friendly live chat!