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$50.00 more and you'll get FREE SHIPPING!

$50.00 more and you'll get FREE SHIPPING!

Mouse King Nutcracker Ornament Set of 4 in 6 inch


ORN004-M:  6 inch Nutcracker Ballet Mouse King Ornaments - Set of 4 Ornaments

The villainous varmint is back in our set of 4 six-inch Mouse King Ornaments!

  • Stands at 6 inches tall, garbed in his regal ruby red robes.
  • His sword is drawn menacingly, as our adorable antagonist is ready for a Christmas Eve Showdown!
  • Comes in a set of four allowing you to adorn your tree with a tiny army of the marauding mice.
  • Relive ballet's most exciting dual between mice and “men” by mixing and matching with any of our nutcrackers and nutcracker ornaments.

These seasonal scoundrels will steal the spotlight as an addition to your holiday gift giving and decorating!

*Please Bear in Mind That Photo May Vary Slightly From Actual Item.