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Trending Colors for 2022!

Trending Colors for 2022!

It's 2022, and we're excited to freshen up our design style, and usher in some new colors for the year!

According to the interior design world, brown-toned grays, creamy whites, terracotta, natural greens, and periwinkle violets will be some of the trendiest colors for 2022.

But, how do you combine trending colors in your home and mix them well with well, everything in your home?

Here's a few fail proof tips! 

Pick your decorative colors taking inspiration from the most significant patterns in your space.

Do not be afraid to mix in gray or neutral colors and pair warm-cool shades together. Gray goes with literally EVERYTHING.

Silver Nutcracker Christmas Decorations

$31.99 Silver Gray and White Nutcracker  


Try monochromatic one shade!

This design style can look just as gorgeous as other combinations, and will make add that extra modern feel. 


Soldier Nutcracker Gold Purple and Black Sword 10 inch-Nutcracker Ballet Gifts

$25.99 Gold Purple and Black Decorative Nutcracker


Choose colors that speak to you personally, as well a bright decor accessories like our cute Modern Decorative Nutcrackers. Pick your Nutcracker and pair with attention attention-grabbing patterns, and single statement furniture. 



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