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The Snow Queen and The Woodsman : Part 3

The Snow Queen and The Woodsman : Part 3

Previously we met the Woodsman, his Queen and his new companions who had battled the wicked Mouse King and his army..

Soon, the Woodsman had the sleigh prepared to travel across the sparkling snow,, sharpening the blades and hitching eight horses to it one by one. Blankets and cocoa ready for the long journey.

Before the Woodsman called the Snow Queen and her new friends, there was a clomping sound heard from afar. Clomp, clomp, clomp.

The Snow Queen stood up and glided across the cabin floor in her graceful way, pressing her nose against the cold, frosty window.

She saw a glittering of rose gold in the dark forest; through the bushes, branches, and tall pines there flashed the most beautiful of all metals.

“What is it?” said Clara.

“Do not fear, my friends,” said the Snow Queen, turning back to them with a smile. “It’s my royal guards, the Rose Gold Army. Come, dress up, and take a look.”

Everyone put on their warm clothes and then ran to the porch of the cabin to see the Rose Gold Army emerge from the snowy wilderness like a golden wave softly breaking against a white sandy shore.

They stood tall, proud, and wore white furry hats atop their heads. Frosty mustaches were the norm for these guards, along with white boots and red buttons. They each held a long golden spear to protect their queen.

“Now we’ll have protection on our way home!” said the Queen brightly.

Soon, everyone hopped into the Woodsman’s sleigh, and the Rose Gold Army marched along on either side.

And off they went through the woods, the Woodsman snapping the reins. The Snow Queen, Clara, and prince sat watching the winter wonderland zoom past them. The sleigh bells rang through the Land when suddenly it began to snow.

The entire air filled with snowflakes, here and there… and everywhere, falling, falling gently to their place on the white fluffy landscape.

As they drew closer to the Kingdom, the Snow Queen was welcomed by the princes and princesses. Her many rose gold helpers in waiting hurried over, taking her hand and lifting her gown so it wouldn’t touch the ground.

The Rose Gold Army guards, who so bravely escorted the queen, saluted her.

The Royal Court Bishop bowed deeply and said, “Welcome back, your highness.” His cheeks flushed in the cold winter air.

The Snow Queen breathed a sigh of relief at the sight of her bishop, for he was the royal advisor. He, too, wore a jewel-encrusted crown on his head, and held the royal scepter, glittering with gold.

“My queen,” he said warmly, standing from his bow. “I do believe this is yours.” And he handed the Snow Queen the scepter she’d left behind.

“Thank you, old friend,” she said, taking the scepter, feeling grateful to be back.

Now that our wayward Snow Queen and the children were safely and warm, the feasting and festivities were being readied by the many little helpers of the court.

The Court Jester danced around the Queen and her guests, giggling and singing funny songs. His brightly colored outfit sparkling and glittering in the winter sun. The Queen smiled, happy to see him again.

“Please, come along now,” she said to Clara and her prince. “The Waltz of the Snowflakes is about to begin.”

Bells began to ring, and everyone hushed, turning to the Snow Queen. She held her scepter aloft and said, “Let the dancing begin!”

And out came the dancers, dressed in the Snow Queen’s favorite pink. Their tutus fluttered in the cold winter’s air. On their heads were tiaras encrusted with snow diamonds, mined by the elves. And, one by one, they began to stand on their toes—doing something fancy called a pirouette, which means they twirled around on their little toes—and then they bowed before the Snow Queen and her guests. Everyone clapped with joy.

The Queen and her guests, along with the Woodsman, watched as everyone danced, celebrating the first snowfall of winter.

And so, the Snow Queen decided to stay and be queen in her land. For, even though she longed to run away and be on her own, her family was there. Her friends. And most of all, wonder and magic, for would you ever find a little girl and her brave prince who battled a monstrous Mouse King in Budapest? In Moscow? In Paris?

No, thought the Snow Queen, you most certainly would not!

Stay tuned for more adventures from the Land of the Snowflakes… Or Read from the beginning! 

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