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$50.00 more and you'll get FREE SHIPPING!

$50.00 more and you'll get FREE SHIPPING!

Black and Gold Christmas Nutcracker King

SKU N1524

N1524:15 inch Black and Gold Nutcracker King with Golden Sword.

This handsome black and gold Christmas Nutcracker King stands tall at 15 inches and looks stylish and classy in his black and gold outfit. A Nutcracker King ready to protect his lands. His black and gold ornament crown makes him stand out while his cape adds a fierceness every king needs!

  • 15 inch King Nutcracker in a black and metallic gold outfit with gold leaf legs.
  • Black and gold glitter crown.
  • Carries a fierce golden sword to deal with any wayward mice.
  • Classy black boots with gold accents atop sparkly base.
  • Black and gold Christmas decoration. 

    *Please Bear in Mind That Photo May Vary Slightly From Actual Item.