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It's Springtime at NBG!

African American Soldier Nutcracker Sword and Hat 10 Inch

SKU N1010-AA

 African American Nutcracker Soldier with Gold Sword and Top Hat

This 10 inch African American Nutcracker Soldier comes with a gold sword and a white, black and red top hat for a distinctive appearance.  Fierce blue eyes and a black mustache give him a personable charm. His pearlized attire has attractive shining tones and helps make a fancy gift.

  • 10 inch African American Nutcracker Soldier with golden sword.
  •  Gold cufflinks on his wrists protect him during fights.
  •  Gold patterns on his jacket and red rhinestone on his hat.
  •  Stylish black boots with red tassels. 

Acquire this dazzling nutcracker and light up your life.