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The Snow Queen and The Woodsman

The Snow Queen and The Woodsman

A Nutcracker Tale in Three Parts.

As she danced and twirled through the forest, all by her lonesome, the Snow Queen threw up her arms laughed with joy. This, she knew, was what it meant to be free. To feel the soft snow crunch lightly beneath your feet, to take in the fresh cold air, and most of all, see the sunrise when the snow sparkled and looked its best.

But, as we all know, Queens are never truly free, and neither was our little Snow Queen. For she was the monarch of the Land of Snowflakes, the snowy woods where the first snow and winter began so many ages ago. Every winter since, winter would start right there, in the Winter Kingdom, and all Snow Queens and Kings stretching back to the beginning of time raised their Snowflake wands and uttered the magic words to begin the winter months:

“Say goodbye to the long dark night, but don’t dare be affright, for though the days are short and cold, winter harkens, with love, warmth, and the greatest stories ever told.”

But the Snow Queen sighed and came to a stop. A snowflake landed on her little nose. She crossed her eyes, looking at it, and slowly wiped it off. As Snow Queen, she never got cold. She never had to lift a finger, for her servants, ladies in waiting, and grenadiers (this is a fancy name for a kind of soldier) with their tall bear fur hats protected her and did everything for her.

Except for one person.

The Woodsman. Unlike everyone else, the Woodsman, who watched over the forest all year round, barely said a word to her. He never fussed over her. He didn’t call her “Your Majesty” or “Highness” or “Queen.” He simply said, “As you say, so it will be.”

And on this day, the day our story begins, the Snow Queen had run away.

Next…We will find out where she went as she escapes her Queenly duties in her beloved Land of the Snowflakes….

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