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Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Gift Giving

Recently on The Today Show, Myka Meier, author of Modern Etiquette Made Easy: A Five-Step Method to Mastering Etiquette, outlined and explained some dos and don’ts of holiday gift giving.

Amongst the don'ts she recommends not to give clothing since you will be guessing about style, color and size so you may get it wrong.

Home decor such as paintings or mirrors are another item to avoid gifting as it may not fit in with the receivers current furnishings. Lastly, avoid kitchen decor or appliances since you may unknowingly cause offense (nobody wants a vacuum cleaner).

So, what does she recommend?

One of her top recommendations for holiday gifts 2023 are decorations such as festive wreaths, and our very own Nutcrackers!

During NBC’s
The morning show” she featured a display of our own attractive and awesome nutcrackers which you can bring to any party knowing that the gift will be loved and treasured year after year.

To help your perfect gift giving moment, here’s our top five Nutcracker gifts to make it even easier for you to choose a gift for your host hostess or party!

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Inspired by the Pantone color of the year, our "very perri" African American King Nutcracker is a royal delight. Complete with metallic pants, gold trim laces, and a gold and faux fur cape he is everything you'd expect and more!

Promising Review: Beautifully made and crafted out of high quality materials, this is a perfect holiday ornament to add sparkle to decor which your host or hostess will love and can use time and time again.

Hanukkah Nutcracker King in blue and white with dreidel and gold coins.

Interfaith families can celebrate together with our newest cast member the Hanukkah King! He is a perfect gift for Hanukkah or for those celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas together.

Promising Review: A fun and unique gift for the host or hostess of family gatherings. A gift that they will treasure for years. You can even add charms or other decorations to it for an added twist. These are guaranteed to delight any nutcracker enthusiast or those new to nutcrackers.

Nutcracker Hannukah King in blue and white with Dreidel and Gelt.-Nutcracker Ballet Gifts
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Fancy Nutcracker the Snow Queen
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This 14 inch beautiful Fancy Nutcracker is part of our Snow Fantasy Nutcracker Suite Collection. This regal queen is clad in a lovely white and blue satin outfit adorned with jewels and fur and has a matching blue and white crown. She holds an ice colored wand to complete her royal look.

Promising Review: Let your host or hostess fall in love with the Snow Queen. This is a perfect ornament to complement a mantel display or other Christmas decorations and is ideal for the women in your life: sisters, mothers, wives, dancers! All will adore receiving this royal gift.

This 14 inch Mouse King Nutcracker in blue and white with cheese is part of our Snow Fantasy Christmas Nutcracker Collection. He wears a fancy blue and white jacket with a silver and blue glittery crown and a luxurious blue and white cape. He holds a block of cheese and a gleaming sword that makes him a fearsome and delightful addition to the Snow Fantasy collection.

Promising Review: Are you attending events and the host or hostess has children? Then this adorable Mouse King Nutcracker is an ideal gift as this will delight and make younger guests smile.

Rat King Snow Scene Nutcracker in Blue and White with Cape and Cheese-Nutcracker Ballet Gifts
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Modern & Minimilist Nutcrackers

Our modern solid Nutcrackers are an amazing addition to any Christmas Mantle or dining table. They are fantastic paired together!

Promising Review: This gift is especially guaranteed to be treasured by all and works as an ideal gift to give to a host or hostess: its minimalist design means that it will go with any room or decor so sure to be a gift to please your host or hostess - you definitely won’t have to worry they won’t like it!

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