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More With Less: New Minimalist Nutcrackers

Less is more this Christmas!

With Christmas just around the corner, you may find your to do list includes organizing, updating, and buying Christmas decorations.

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed? Are you weary of the same decorations and would like an on-trend look that is easy to achieve with a minimum of fuss?

Modern Christmas designs and decorations include minimalist elements - a decorating and lifestyle concept that refers to using and owning fewer things: each item is chosen for its uniqueness and value.

The idea is to choose only a few but important items and this creates a sleek, chic and clean look to a room. When you focus on a few items instead of many you create a peaceful mood and festive space to enjoy the holidays without adding more Christmas clutter! 

Minimalist Nutcrackers Decor 


  • A Modern Christmas Mantel 

We love the idea of using modern Christmas decorations like our New Solid Nutcrackers to design a  modern Christmas mantel. Designed in classic solid colors such as black, red and gold, they look amazing solo or displayed as a trio. 

Christmas mantels are the center of any room and you can easily combine our nutcrackers with our decorative mini tree trees to invent a modern Christmas design for your room! 

Using minimalist pieces makes decorating easier and faster so you have more energy and time to enjoy the Christmas spirit!

  • Goes With Any Kind of Room

One of the appealing aspects of using minimalist Christmas design and decorations is that because of their simple but elegant feel, they can be used in any kind of room! 

From a rustic farmhouse to an urban city apartment, choosing minimalism always looks great. Any neutral background combined with traditional  and solid colors, will always look amazing.  

Choosing less is more is an  effective and effortless way to update your Christmas decorations and achieve an on-trend modern Christmas vibe no matter where you live!  

The New Solid Nutcrackers also make great Christmas gifts and keepsakes since they look great anywhere and in any kind of room.

Choose Minimalist Nutcrackers this Christmas and receive Free Shipping on purchases of $25.00 or more!

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