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Decorating with Nutcrackers

Decorating with Nutcrackers

Decor ideas for any holiday!

When Nutcracker Lovers decorate it’s year-round project! Choose from our Nutcracker and Ornament Collections for all you favorite holidays. Valentine reds and pinks, Mother's Day Female Nutcrackers, Mardi Gras, St Patricks, pretty Easter pastels, rich fall tones and of course your Christmas favorites!

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Christmas Decor of Course!

We are obsessed with Christmas decorating, and our exclusive Nutcracker Ornament sets can accent just about anyone's Christmas theme. From sequins and sparkles, funky fun and traditional styles, or luxury black and gold, there’s a perfect fit for every home and gift.

Christmas Decorating bonus, hang them or stand them! They look great either way!

Special Holidays Decor

Love holidays? We have just the sparkly accent for your year-round home decor syle. From Mardi Gras to the Luck 'O the Irish, Pride Nutcrackers and Patriotic Nutcrackers waving American flags - including an African American version! Exciting inspiration for home decorators looking for unique accents.

Christmas Gifts that Give Back

Christmas gifting for a cause and shops that give back make the world a better place. Support Breast Cancer Awareness with our exclusive pink Nutcrackers and support the LGBTQ+ community with our pride Christmas Nutcracker. When you purchase from our cause collection we donate!

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