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The Quirky Tradition Behind Dancers Saying “Merde”- Good Luck Charms in Every Step!

Have you ever wondered why dancers shout “merde”  before a big performance? It might sound unusual, but trust us, there’s a fascinating reason behind it. 

Let’s dive into the world of toe-tapping superstitions and showbiz rituals!

Before you think they’re losing their cool, let us clarify. In the dance world, “merde” is like a secret code for “break a leg” or “good luck!”

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Merde Origins!

This quirky tradition has its origins in the rich history of the performing arts. Back in the day, saying “good luck” was considered, well, not so lucky. Dancers and actors would use alternative phrases with each other, and somehow “merde” stuck around. Some believe it stems from a time when horse-drawn carriages were a common mode of transport to theaters. Seeing a lot of horse manure outside meant a full house, and thus, good luck!