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Candy Themed Pink Christmas Decor

Candy Themed Pink Christmas Decor

Think PINK Christmas Design!

Candy Land Pink Nutcracker

Christmas doesn’t have to be red and green, it can also be PINK!
We absolutely love looking at Christmas color schemes and getting inspired! Today we’re excited to explore shades of pink, and share with you our special finds for pink or candy land themed holiday decorations! 
At the top of our list is our pink, gold and white cake hat candy land Nutcracker! He’s super kitsch, and his faux fur cape is EVERYTHING.
Christmas Decor tip! Pair with metallics, whites, or pinks. 


Candy Christmas Decorations

This candy themed Christmas Tree and interior set up from is incredible! You can use these products to get the look!


 Nutcracker Ornaments Pink

Funky Colored Land of Sweets Nutcrackers 

Candy land is full of color and our land of sweets Nutcrackers hit all the colors of candy! A set of 5!

🍭 Shop Candy Themed Nutcrackers 


Candy Land Ornaments

Custom Rainbow Sprinkle Glass ornaments

Adorable and unique add a touch of glass to your tree!


Candy Cane Balloon

Go big or go home with this supersized candy cane balloon!
Mother Ginger Pull Puppet

 Mother Ginger Pull Puppet 

If you love vintage style then you’ll really like our mother ginger pull puppet. Her pink and orange colors really pop!

🧸  Shop Mother Ginger Pull Puppet


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